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Residential Construction

If you're dreaming of gazing out chalet windows from your second-story open loft, or having a walkout basement beneath your ranch-style home, Brownell Construction Company can make these dreams reality.

We are experienced in building both Post and Beam timber frames and conventional stud construction houses. Brownell Construction Company works with licensed engineers and AIA-certified architects to bring your home design to fruition. Once the initial design is accomplished, our crew works to secure all of the necessary permits and inspections as building progresses. Brownell Construction Company works closely with an established crew of contractors who handle additional aspects of building your home, such as excavation, foundation coordination and other related masonry tasks, plumbing, electrical, heating, and roofing.

When your home is completed, Brownell Construction Company assures the craftsmanship of their work, and is always available to consult with you. Please take a look at a sampling of our portfolio of completed homes.

Post and Beam Construction Conventional Stud Frame Construction